30This order tells federal agencies that for every new regulation they put in place they must find two existing regulations to eliminate.8) Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System: Feb. In essence, it overturns the 2010 Dodd Frank financial oversight law. That law’s intent was to prevent another housing or banking system meltdown like the one that caused the 2008 recession and threw the financial and banking systems into a tailspin.9) Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety: Feb.

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After Reno responded with a solo home run in the top of the eighth inning to jump back on top, Colorado Springs retook the lead with three runs in the bottom of the eighth with two outs. Nick Noonan lined a single to left field to score Nieuwenhuis for the game tying run. The relay throw from left fielder Jeremy Hazelbaker sailed past the catcher, allowing Yadiel Rivera to come around and give the Sox a 7 6 lead.

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