Rubber boots and brimmed hats are standard, and everyone walks, old men in hand knit sweaters dog dildo, grandmothers in skirts and shawls. Mothers adorned in colorfully striped blankets carry infants bundled close dog dildo, slung on their backs, the homespun tied snugly in front in bulky fringed knots. Families all, grandparents, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, make their way up the long mountain byways, turning off at red earth footpaths that switch back from the main highways and back roads dog dildo, destinations hidden by roadside vegetation and steeper angles, a living backdrop to the traditional thatched roof roadside farm stands tended by whole families who wave and wave dog dildo1, directing our attention to ripening bananas, stacked coconuts, and avocados, papayas, and naranjilla, hanging single file in narrow netted sacks..

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