Photographing a scene at night in black and white is a great way to capture the contrast between the lights and darks. This technique can be especially effective when there is little color in your scene and you want to emphasize the dynamic range of light. Black and white images generally have a high contrast look and can give your subject that extra pop and magical look.

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A pair of Anhinga birds sits incubating hatching eggs and the handsome couple creates a duet as well. The two erupt into a clicking and chattering chitter chitter chitter chee cheer chitter, rising and falling tones, repeating with their necks arched, bills open and heads swaying like two Bollywood dancers. Similar to sheets of music these visual images help identify certain characteristics.

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I firmly believe that we should not grant such power to words. Words only affect us because we let them. When we do not let these words affect us, the words no longer mean anything, and over time nobody will care. Managers with low PFC activity tend to be idea people and relatively hands off; taken to an extreme, they are absent. A part of the brain that we will discuss in detail later on is the anterior cingulate gyrus, which runs lengthwise through the front part of the brain. It is the brain gear shifter, allowing you to be flexible and shift between tasks.

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