As the spacecraft approaches Jupiter in 2016 cheap jerseys, the tremendous gravitational pull of the giant speeds up the robot to almost 100,000 mph. To achieve orbit, it must slow down by firing onboard rockets. Jupiter’s radiation and magnetic fields are so intense the spacecraft must avoid them as best possible.

Until then, we have to replace them with others. Currently Democrats are the only viable alternative, and they never done anything like what the GOP has done. So let make a third party happen. A strong opposition to liberal intellectual elites has appeared since the 1950s, attacking the mainstream media, higher education, science, and K 12 teachers organized into the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The main criticism is they are a minority foisting liberal ideas on unsuspecting conservative majorities. Thus teachers are attacked for fostering poor education through government monopoly, inefficiency, high costs and liberalism..

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