The nest increases in size as a pair uses it repeatedly over the years and often comes to be decorated with dung and animal skins.[4] The nests can range up to 1.5 to 12 (4.9 to 39.4 high in a large tree such as an oak, juniper,[15] wild pear,[15] almond or pine trees. Most nesting trees are found along cliffs. In a few cases, cinereous vultures have been recorded as nesting directly on cliffs.

canada goose Interpretive “translations” of the elegiac Romulus were very common in Europe in the Middle Ages. Among the earliest was one in the 11th century by Ademar of Chabannes, which includes some new material. This was followed by a prose collection of parables by the Cistercian preacher Odo of Cheriton around 1200 where the fables (many of which are not Aesopic) are given a strong medieval and clerical tinge. canada goose

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