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Saam met Merwede van der Merwe werk hy as musiekadviseur en liedjieskrywer aan die opspraakwekkende televisieprogram, Musiek en Liriek, wat ‘n nuwe standaard in daarstel en hom as huishoudelike naam in Suid Afrika vestig. Hy onderneem uitgebreide toere voor vol sale regdeur Suid Afrika en Namibi en verkope van sy albums en kortspelers is baie goed. Hy onderneem ook toere deur Kenia, Uganda, Tanzani, Malawi, Mosambiek en Zimbabwe en tree ook twee kere in Londen op.

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Unlike the old whole cell pertussis vaccine, which is composed of the entire bacterial cell which has been deactivated (and therefore unable to cause infection), the newer acellular pertussis vaccine does not use a whole cell of the bacteria, but is made up of (between two and five) chemical components of the B. Pertussis bacteria. The acellular pertussis vaccine appears to greatly reduce the risk of unpleasant reactions to the vaccine, including high fever and discomfort following vaccination..

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Able to perform superhuman feats and detect faults and weak spots (similar to Marvel’s Karnak) by communing with his god, he is also an excellent hand to hand combatant. He is married with three children and is a good father and a loyal husband, albeit a conservative one. His partner is Synaesthesia Jackson.

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