1 point submitted 7 months agoMy friend got scammed similar way, his skins (about 150$) were traded with a bot, without the mobile authentication, although he was using the mobile authenticator for quite a while. After long research, we found out that the reason were probably phone apps for free skins (asiimov clicker and similar), somehow they gained access to his steam mobile and sent the trade. I recommend you to check if you downloaded any of this kind of apps, uninstall them and change your steam password afterwards.

On April 4, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed suit in United States District Court in Dallas, Texas, alleging that, from October 2009 to June 2012, Matthew D. Sample of San Diego, California raised almost $1 million from five investors based on representations that he would use their money to trade on the investors behalf. Instead, the Commission alleges that he fraudulently diverted approximately one third of the money for his personal use and to make payments to other investors..

The toadstool removed a checkbook from his vest, and after priming his ball point pen on a napkin, wrote a check and left it in the pianist tip jar. The music continued, until a loud grumbling noise grew louder outside. Toad knew it was time. For instance I have a friend who a Gemini with Libra Moon and Pisces rising, and he became a business lawyer and then a businessman (the friendly deal closer type), which is totally consistent with that chart. But he had upper middle class parents and lived in a stable European country. If he had dirt poor parents, or if he been from an unstable country where he couldn get an education, he might have become a salesman or a very persuasive con artist instead.

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